DataAlchemist: Benchmark Royalty Rates, Service Fees, and Lease Rates.

Delivering in-depth, multi-layered data for IP valuation and comprehensive transfer pricing strategies.

DataAlchemist: The choice for data accuracy and depth in intangible asset valuation.

Benchmarking Suite

Our databases enable precise benchmarks of intangible and tangible assets and services across a wide spectrum of inter-company transactions.

Artificial Intelligence + Human Creativity

A collection of task-specific LLMs boosts precision and recall, complemented by our experts' meticulous curation to ensure each database offers unique depth and breadth.

Comprehensive Context

Combining licensing agreements, patent details, press releases, and SEC filings, our Royalty Rates database offers a multi-layered perspective.

Strategic Solutions for Modern Tax Challenges

Delivering comprehensive insights for transfer pricing, IP valuation, and licensing, backed by our robust, multi-layered data.

Benchmark Royalty Rates

From Valuation to Audit: The Power of Our Royalty Rates Database

In an era where the valuation and strategic management of intangible assets are critical to global business success, DataAlchemist introduces a groundbreaking approach to transfer pricing and intellectual property valuation. Our Royalty Rates Database is not just a collection of numbers; it's a comprehensive analytical tool built on a foundation of license agreements. This multi-document methodology integrates rates and licensing terms with additional layers of information from patents and company disclosures, enriching each intangible asset with unparalleled context.

But the value of our database extends beyond creating robust valuations. It serves as a powerful audit tool, enabling organizations to identify and rectify inaccuracies in comparable uncontrolled transactions (CUTs) derived from less sophisticated sources. The depth and breadth of our data provide a clear view, making it easier to spot false comparables that can undermine financial reports and tax compliance.

Leverage DataAlchemist's Royalty Rates Database to elevate your organization's tax efficiency, reduce audit risks, and secure a competitive edge in the valuation of intellectual property. With us, you're not just accessing data; you're adopting a strategic asset that enhances decision-making across tax jurisdictions.

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Benchmark Service Fees

Service Fee Analysis for Global Compliance

DataAlchemist's Service Fees Database is designed for accurate benchmarking and refinement of service fee structures for various corporate functions, including management, consulting, procurement, and distribution services.

Aligning with OECD's BEPS initiatives and U.S. regulations, the database ensures defensible service fee arrangements. It offers insights into arm's-length conditions, assisting in the establishment of fair and compliant service fees.

Encompassing over 60 sectors, the database provides normalized fee structures, catering to various models including fixed, percentage-based, or those linked to sales, costs, or assets.

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Benchmark Lease Rates

Strategic Asset Leasing

Navigate the complexities of intra-group leases with our Lease Rates Database. It offers detailed categorization by lessee industry and lease type, ensuring accurate benchmarks for diverse sectors. This tool is essential for structuring arm's-length leases and enhancing compliance and pricing accuracy in organizational transformations.

Spanning an extensive range of lease types, from office spaces, warehouses, vehicles, to industrial equipment, the database is integral to formulating corporate strategies and conducting M&A due diligence. It offers detailed insights for robust asset leasing analysis, crucial for optimizing transfer pricing and strategic planning in global business environments.

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Our CUT analysis suite includes three specialized databases for benchmarking royalties in intellectual property transactions, determining lease rates for property and equipment, and analyzing a comprehensive range of service fees. These tools are crucial for multinational companies in accurately identifying market comparables for diverse intra-group transactions, ensuring adherence to global transfer pricing standards.

The Contracts Search Engine distinctively complements this suite. In scenarios where highly specific data like unusual fee structures or unique contract clauses are needed, this engine, powered by AI and NLP, enables precise clause-level searches with advanced filters. It's invaluable for uncovering specific details within our extensive collection of over 1.6 million SEC agreements, fine-tuning transfer pricing analysis to a remarkable degree of specificity.

Our approach to data accuracy and reliability is a fusion of technology and in-depth manual processing. We incorporate AI and NLP technologies throughout our workflow, ensuring precise and efficient data handling. Specialists complement these technologies by meticulously processing, enriching, and classifying information, ensuring a high level of detail and context.

This integrated approach ensures that our data is not only technically robust but also rich in practical insights. The synergy between technology and expert knowledge results in data that is both reliable and contextually valuable, offering our clients actionable insights for informed decision-making.

DataAlchemist's Royalty Rates Database stands out for its comprehensive approach to data enrichment and contextualization. We go beyond the basic analysis of licensing agreement texts, adding deeper layers of context regarding product usage and relationships between parties. This approach not only ensures more accurate industry classifications but also provides richer insights for transfer pricing. Our Royalty Rates Database, by leveraging diverse data sources, evolves beyond simple data aggregation, emerging as a critical tool for informed decision-making and reducing the risk of selecting inappropriate comparables.

DataAlchemist caters to diverse industry needs by offering specialized solutions across various sectors, including transfer pricing, intellectual property (IP) valuation, IP licensing, technology transfer, and purchase price allocation (PPA). Each database is meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of these sectors. For example, in IP valuation, our Royalty Rates Database provides segmented, industry-specific data, especially crucial in pharmaceuticals and medical devices, for different development stages. In technology transfer, our databases aid in valuing technological assets and formulating effective licensing strategies. For PPA, our tools offer precision in valuing both tangible and intangible assets, streamlining complex valuation challenges.

DataAlchemist ensures its databases align with global transfer pricing regulations by constantly monitoring and adapting to regulatory changes. We stay informed about updates in OECD guidelines, BEPS actions, and specific country regulations. This proactive approach involves integrating new regulatory requirements into our database structure and analytical processes. Additionally, we engage with industry experts and legal advisors to validate and refine our compliance strategies. This ensures that our databases not only meet current standards but are also prepared for future regulatory shifts, providing reliable, compliant data for our clients.


Enhancing Transfer Pricing and IP Valuation - Experience Precision and Depth in Market Data for Royalty Rates, Lease Rates, and Service Fees.