Aligning with 2022 OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines

Navigate the intricate landscape of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines with our data tools, designed to align with global best practices.

Guideline Alignment
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DataAlchemist: Strategically Aligned Solutions

Best Practices

Enhancing Transfer Pricing Strategies with OECD Guidelines

Our suite of tools is intricately designed to reflect the spirit of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. From ensuring fair valuation with our Royalty Rates and Service Fees Databases to providing specific data for scenarios like cash-pooling and corporate restructurings, we facilitate informed and strategically advantageous transfer pricing practices.

Key features like DEMPE (Development, Enhancement, Maintenance, Protection, and Exploitation) information in our databases align with the guidelines' focus on intellectual property and value creation. This, along with our in-depth data on lease agreements for restructurings, provides a robust foundation for aligning with the OECD's best practices.

DEMPE Analysis: Detailed insights on development and exploitation of intangibles.
Cash-Pooling Data: Precise data for transfer pricing in financial transactions.
Lease Rate Insights: In-depth lease data for restructuring scenarios.
Value Chain Analysis: Comprehensive understanding of value creation and allocation.
Global Trends: Up-to-date insights into international transfer pricing developments.
Documentation Aid: Support in meeting the OECD's documentation standards.

Informed Decision-Making

Guideline-Informed Transfer Pricing Strategies

Our databases offer essential tools for aligning with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines. They provide the data precision and strategic insights necessary for navigating global compliance, enhancing transfer pricing strategies, and managing risks associated with international transactions.

Strategic Alignment
Comprehensive Analysis
Risk Mitigation
Global Compliance
Strategic Advantage


Our tools, including the Royalty Rates, Service Fees, and Lease Rates Databases, are designed to support the alignment with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines by offering detailed and up-to-date data crucial for transfer pricing analyses. This includes providing vital information for evaluating arm's length conditions in intercompany transactions, supporting the preparation of comprehensive documentation as required by the guidelines. By incorporating factors like DEMPE for intangible assets valuation and specifics of financial transactions, our tools help ensure that transfer pricing practices reflect current global standards and best practices, facilitating both compliance and strategic optimization.

Our databases focus on several key aspects of transfer pricing in line with the OECD Guidelines. This includes providing detailed data for DEMPE analysis, which is essential for accurately valuing intellectual property in line with the arm's length principle. We also offer specific data for complex financial transactions like cash-pooling, and provide insights into lease agreements, particularly useful in corporate restructuring scenarios. This comprehensive coverage ensures that users can address various facets of transfer pricing, from ensuring fair valuation of transactions to structuring agreements that are both compliant and strategically sound in a global context.


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