Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: February 2024

Terms & Conditions

By using our website and services, you unconditionally agree to the following:

Service Usage: Access to and use of DataAlchemist's services are governed by these Terms and Conditions, ensuring lawful and intended use of our offerings. Intellectual Property Rights: All content, including curated databases ("Data") and software, is the exclusive property of DataAlchemist, protected under intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. User Obligations and Prohibited Actions:

• Share your account or allow unauthorized access to DataAlchemist's Data.

• Engage in or facilitate the unauthorized analysis, duplication, or dissemination of the Data.

• Use the curated data to develop alternatives, substitutes, competitive offerings, or internal tools that directly replicate the functionalities or insights provided by DataAlchemist's database.

• Conduct derivative analysis, methodology deduction, or any form of reverse compilation analysis aimed at uncovering or replicating DataAlchemist's Data compilation and analysis methodologies.

• Disclose, transfer, or resell the Data within your organization or to third parties, or use the Data for the benefit of offices or affiliates not covered by the subscription.

• Conduct competitive analysis or intelligence gathering aimed at replicating, evaluating, or undermining DataAlchemist's market position. The Data is intended solely for supporting your consulting practice and strategic decision-making.

• Use Data after the expiration of your subscription, except as permitted: You may retain print or electronic copies of presentations containing limited excerpts of Data, and Data reasonably necessary for audit, legal, regulatory compliance, or internal document retention, provided such use is strictly for these purposes.

Fees and Payments: Services accessed through subscription require fees, detailed separately. Limitations of Liability and Disclaimer: We strive for accuracy but do not guarantee the completeness of information. We are not liable for indirect damages arising from service use.

Amendments: Terms may be updated periodically. Continued use constitutes acceptance of changes.